Sao Tome and Principe Partnership

Youth to Youth Update by administrator
July 14, 2008, 11:44 am
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Teaching at the high school came to a conclusion on Friday.

Jake, who taught the first week focused on hardware. The teens learned about the parts of the computer and what their names were in English while we learned what their names were in Portugues. They also began developing their troubleshooting skills.

Chris, who taught the second week, focused on software installation and continuted helping the studnets develop their troubleshooting skills.

The East St. Louis teens were instrumental in the instruction of the class acting as lab assistants throughout.


Installation Update by administrator
July 14, 2008, 11:36 am
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Today’s post is coming from the Santana Secondary School. We are currently installing four computers here. The internet connection, while not the fastest, has been the most reliable as the lab here is connected via a land line and not wireless internet which will drop you from the network often as many people try to use limited bandwidth. I have, in fact. just learned that my post last night never made it to the internet. Look for an update on the High School lab to follow.

There are currently two groups in Santana installing labs. Chris and I are here at the Secondary School, simlar to a middle school, while Jake and the East St. Louis teens are installing 10 computers at the city building.

Last Saturday we installed two machines at a girls traning facility located at roça São João.

Tomorrow we will be able to make our installations in Guadalupe and Neves.

Half of the computers located at the High School are ready for use and we will spend the afternoons this week preparing the rest.