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Yes! Your blog is up and running. Joy!

Comment by deb odland

Hi Jake,

I am glad you arrived safely. Best of luck. Al

Comment by Al Kagan

Bom dia! I’m jealous of you both…have a Sagres for me and say hello to the gang. If you need more help this summer, you know who to call……

Comment by Stephanie


Came across your website. Very excited by your involvement on the island.

How is the computer centre going? Do you have photo’s of it?

I am from South Africa. We are involved on a residential development on the island. However, we have also recently set up a company by the name of True North (in SA).

Through True North we hope in the future to be more involved with social responsibility type iniatives on the island. Our focus will be on children /youth.

So we hope to see / hear more about you guys in the future.

Hopefully we’ll be back on the island in Q3 .08

Comment by Andrew

It’s so good to hear about your trip. I’m thinking of all of you every day.

Comment by Lisa German

I am looking for some help obtaining information and photographs of the hospital on sao tome, is there any way you are able to help me with this? Or, is there someone you can put me in touch with? I am a paralegal at a law firm in cleveland ohio and I have exhausted all of my resourses trying to obtain this information, please get back as soon as you are able, I appriciate your help.


Walter Knapp

Comment by Walter Knapp

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